LionDub is a nine-piece reggae band from Gävle, Sandviken and Uppsala. LionDub has for more than a decade been a well-established band on the Swedish reggae scene.

LionDub has experience from a great number of festivals such as Uppsala Reggae Festival, Sundsvalls Gatufest, Stockholm Reggae Week, Kramfors Stadsfest, Gävle Cityfest, Cornelisdagen at Mosebacke, Långsta Rasta and many more...

LionDub's music is a beautiful mixture of Roots Reggae (UK style) and Lovers Rock. The band is famous for their joyfulness and professionalism at their live performances, but also for their tight sound and a world-class brass section.

During the years, LionDub has released several albums, of which the last "Holding On" was released in October 2015. Since their debut album in 2004 "Trod Forward" with the sequel in 2010 "Connected" and up until to today, LionDub has only released self-written music in English. But now the band is about to releases an album for the first time in Swedish and with music from one of Sweden's greatest sing-songwriter and troubadour Cornelis Vreeswijk. The lyrics are in Swedish and the melodies are recognized by most swedes, but the music is in a backbeat with the characteristic reggae sound of LionDub.

It all began a few years ago when the Cornelis Vreeswijk Society in Stockholm contacted LionDub with a request that the band would interpret some songs from the treasure of Cornelis Vreeswijk. After two celebrated and praised gigs at the Cornelis day at Mosebacke in Stockholm the recent summers, the band has now recorded an album with their interpretations





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